Ice Cream Flavorology

Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist,

Strawberry, Raspberry, Black Cherry,

Pina Colada, Butterscotch, Creme de Menthe,

Orange, and Bubble Gum.

 Cones & Dishes: Kiddie, Small, Medium, Large

Soft & Hard Ice Cream 

 Flurry: Soft Ice Cream with Candy Pieces mixed in

 Banana Split: Triple Scoops of Ice Cream, Toppings & Banana Pieces

Sundaes & Anniversary Sundaes

 Supreme Sundaes


 Fruit Smoothies:  Raspberry or Strawberry

 Ice Cream Sandwiches

 Plus: Sprinkles, Nuts & Sauces on Waffle & Sugar Cones

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Dip

An Abbreviated History of Ice Cream

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We serve 11 flavors of soft ice cream and over 15 flavors of Perry’s hard ice cream every day.  Our Perry’s flavors vary from day to day, but our soft ice cream will include these flavors: